Workshop progress

The workshop is now filling up with the big makes for Prometheus, we should be finished building the main pieces by the end of August. The next phase will involve writing sessions with our friends, Slung Low theater company and the creation of the video and audio content for the show.

Arts Council Funding approved

I am very pleased to announce that we were successful in getting support from the Arts Council for the development of Prometheus. The mechanical set builds are well under way and should be completed for the next phase of the projects development in August. Pictures to follow and a bit more detail when I get […]

Prometheus’ Garden

Prometheus’ Garden is a performance/installation project, which uses as inspiration and metaphor, the myth of Prometheus. In Greek mythology the best understood story is that Zeus punished Prometheus for stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to mankind; for this he was chained to a rock for 1000 years to have his liver pecked […]

Greetings to all out there!

Hello and welcome to my first post. At this point I would like to outline what I think this blog is for and the motivation for having one connected to our new and shiny External Combustion web site (many thanks to Nik at Remix for such a fantastic job!). The blog gives me the opportunity […]