In the workshops with one of the almost finished homunculi.

Hello and welcome to my first post. At this point I would like to outline what I think this blog is for and the motivation for having one connected to our new and shiny External Combustion web site (many thanks to Nik at Remix for such a fantastic job!).

The blog gives me the opportunity to present my personal side projects, which do not generally feature in the show and fireworks display productions of the company. However, I am now becoming much more interested in creating new performances that will bring in my own machine sculpture and video work, with an eye to developing shows that are less concerned with very large scale spectacle and more to do with visual detail, nuance and intimacy for an audience.

The first project to combine the infrastructure of External Combustion and my work is ‘Prometheus’ Garden’, which I am delighted to announce has the venue, date and generous funding in kind and real money from Barnsley Culture Team. More on this to follow, after we complete some indoor pyro gigs and a big roof top pyromusical at the end of the month.

Thanks for reading.

Doug Nicholson

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