Following a small hiatus with the tweaking and finessing planned for Prometheus’ Garden, I am now designing new machine follies to add to the installation. Much thought has been devoted to the future manifestation of this project,  how it mutates from the original performance showcase with its traditional narrative line, how the idea of an abstracted and textural approach will work with an audience and where to have the project seen

It is clear to me that, for the performance to work with an abstracted narrative and to avoid esoteric form, the project requires venues that will contextualise and augment the industrial dream garden. Parks and fields will not do, this show will need the factory court yard, industrial museum, derelict factory art gallery makeover, it is designed to be an intimate show on a grand scale, to impose itself on a town or city square and disrupt the normal flow of the space.

I will post another article shortly, with a fresh outline for the project. In the mean time here are a few drawings of the next set of machines.

I need a trusted producer! Anybody out there interested?


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