Overall, the projects development and performance execution went very well, raising some important questions and discoveries regarding collaboration and rehearsing schedules.

Several useful discoveries were made as to the blending of traditional theatre practice and the creation of outdoor spectacle and performance, in combination with heavy use of faux industrial machinery inspired by the 19th century, intricate and tentative digital controls and under rehearsed performers and production team.

The main lesson is to work with the correct budget and enable enough time to work the story, devise the sequences and get the cues nailed. Time and money and not work and talent frustrated the final process of realising the show to our most perfect vision. However, this showcase/tryout performance was always to be regarded as an experimental event and great effort by all involved also created a wonderful performance, enjoyed by 500 guests and public.

The support from ACE enabled the show to be manufactured and technically produced in its fullest form; the funding has enabled this project to continue to develop towards a touring production. This first phase of Prometheus’ Garden has pushed the company’s work in new and confident ways with technologies, atmospheres and storytelling.

To conclude; Prometheus’ Garden was a great success, being well attended, attracting interest from several cultural festivals (Halifax, Bestival, Glastonbury). The company introduced 4 individuals into our way of working, providing experience through team inclusion on the site setup and production of the performance. Future development for touring is certain, with more energy concentrated on technical and performance rehearsals.

I would like to thank all who gave their support and worked so hard, put up with me and accepted reduced remuneration for long days and short nights.

They are (in no particular order):

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