The show is finally complete. All music, lighting, Midi, pyrotechnic and performer cues are finished and the sculptures and set are painted and tested. We are now looking forward to good weather and a big audience for this unique and exciting premiere performance.

Prometheus’ Garden is an exciting world premiere combining giant mechanical sculptures, fireworks, video and pyrotechnics.

A simple story of one man’s struggle to fill a world of silence and darkness; a story of how far someone will go in order to avoid being alone.
Join us in a world of huge metal beasts, where flames shoot towards the moon and dark, industrial soundscapes echo in your ears.
Prometheus’ Garden is the pinnacle of External Combustion’s decades of experience creating spectacles. It’s years and years of skill concentrated into the singular endeavour of telling you a story about a man who imagined not being alone. And the consequences for all of us in his vision.

Created by Doug Nicholson of External Combustion
with Slung Low, Mickie Bimble and the External Combustion team
Performed by Mickie Bimble
In partnership with Barnsley Live, Arts Council England, 52nd Street and Raise The Roof.

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